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So I got this missive today. This is definately a step in the right direction. They performed an adjustment, but didn’t change my account type on my new card to the unlimited access which matches the old card. This is still a problem for me. But I think I figured out where they went wrong.

I researched the plans on the site and guess what .. there is in-fact a Mobile Broadband Connection Plan that has 4G unlimited use .. but 5GB limit on 3G . This is what they gave me. The sales man told me I’d be completely unlimited ( not true ) .. and that 4G was coming to my area ( not apparently anytime soon ) and did not tell me I was limited to 5GB on the 3G network.

As a further issue, that unit doesn’t have a way to warn you you’re getting close to overage. If Sprint is still listening, this would be a *GREAT* option to offer your clients.. have a monthly limit on the unit that requires override to go past. Or an option on your site to warn w/in 20% and disable at 0% and require override by say logging in.

Perhaps i’ll write an apple program to do this… It’s so easy to blow past 5Gb when you have things like iTunes and others that d/l podcasts and such. That’s not their fault .. but it’d be nice to have a way to control that locally, from their AP or their site.

Anyway .. I think Sprint has at least tried to step up. Again, I really think I should get what I was told i’d get upon the purchase.

Thank you for contacting Sprint Nextel. It was my pleasure serving you today. I am personally committed to providing excellent customer service. My goal is to make certain you can say YES when asked if your issue has been resolved.

Sprint Nextel has processed the following transaction(s) today:
• Adjustment: A credit adjustment in the amount of $xxx.xx has been made to your account.

If for any reason your issue has not been fully resolved, we’d like to hear from you. Your voice is extremely important in understanding how we can improve our overall customer experience.

By replying to this email, we will ensure your comments are noted and any unresolved issues are addressed. To better assist you, please provide your account number and mobile number in your email reply.

Thank you for choosing Sprint Nextel. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future

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