So I am a long time geek…

  • Systems Architect – I put stuff together and make it work.
  • Unix Sysadmin – been a professional SA for years
  • Security Engineer – build security in as a part of systems
  • Web Developer – written enterprise-class perl/ruby systems, some you’ve probably used.

A bit of a red-neck/outdoorsy type…

  • Hunters for the Hungry – I do my part to help the farmers with critter issues
  • Cider Master – Been making my own apple cider for some time now
  • I Enjoy Cuong Nhu martial arts as a form of mental relaxation and focus, as well as a great way to stay in shape.

I am active in several professional organizations, and speak at conferences regularly:

The USENIX Association    LOPSA

I am a proud member of SAGE, LOPSA .. and have been a part of USENIX for 15+ years.