Sprint Has Terrible Customer Service

So .. as a long time user of sprint’s wireless card service, the business needed another connection ( we have more people traveling ). I went to the local sprint store and purchased a 3g/4g WAP. I had an existing card that I gave another employee, and was told at the counter we were just adding this to another account. No problem I thought.

So i’ve been using this thing successfully no problem, then the bill comes in. ~$650 bucks .. WTF I say. So we called them this morning. They changed the plan on *BOTH* cards to a 5 gig limit. WTF I say again.

– First they said that they were legally required to change all the plans .. it’s a government requirement. ( That’s merde… and a blatant lie. )

– Then they said that the devices were on separate plans ( that too is merde… I specifically asked at the counter and they said they’d just add it to the existing one )

– Then they said that they couldnt’ change it back because the plan is no longer offered ( this too is merde, as they’ve done this to me before and *did* in fact change it back. )

– They offered a paltry $100 back to ‘help cover the transition’. We said ‘no thanks…’ they then said it’d be best if i took it because I might not get it next time. I said ‘no thanks again’. Boy that sounds like blackmail to me.

– They THEN said that I had to goto the local store to resolve this. Which is lastly complete merde because I’ve handled this on the phone before. So, from a customer service POV, they’ve moved this from a polite phone conversation, to a confrontational issue that will be in one of their stores where other customers will be. Not a good idea.

I politely informed them i’d be creating www.sprinthasterriblecustomerservice.com and posting all the details about this, and so I am.  I will be paying a visit to the local store and seeing how things go, but Sprint should expect an all out blitz on this one.  I will be mailing up the chain at the company until this wrong is righted.  I will get this posted to reddit, /. and digg to hi-light the illicit activities. I will goto the store and discuss this with their people, and post that conversation right here.

i”ll update my blog as it goes. IF anyone has any recommendations please post a comment. Sprint if you read this and want to avoid anymore negative publicity about this event, please post details about how you’ll fix it and contact information. Thanks.

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