SOPA Dead .. PIPA next

So reading all over that SOPA is Dead(tm) .. however .. it’s not really dead till withdrawn. So I have concerns that it’s a red herring.  Especially since we’ve seen congress backdoor legislation ( NDAA anyone ) when they couldn’t do it publicly. I am still going thru with the blackout as I believe that awareness needs to be raised.  Hopefully people will see and react.

I did see an interview/debate on UP between Reddits Alexis and the VP and Gen Counsel of NBC.  It wasn’t bad… I feel like Alexis got caught on the whole idea of ‘finding a legit way to access content’ .. but the VP was a total ass: interrupting the interview several times and spouting talking points instead of answering questions and debating on the substance of the issue.  You can see it here .

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Wedding Pictures

We’ve had lots of requests for pictures from the wedding. Vikki has been working diligently to make em look pretty.. so with out further ado …

[flagallery gid=1 name=”Gallery”]

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Got Married

Had a fantastic wedding against a glass pane full of snow. Had lots of good family and a great time. I’ll post pics as soon as we get them up. Thanks to the 28 peeps that ustreamed the event and watched us get married. Now just to get home .. snowing it’s butt off.

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Getting Married

I wanted to invite everyone to join Vikki and I virtually! for our wedding. We’re getting married Jan 1, 2012 in Traverse City, Michigan; at the Park Place Hotel at Noon EST. Our venue is small, but in the tradition of being a geek, I will be recording the event and streaming it live so we can fit everyone that wants to celebrate with us.

So ..after doing some testing .. we’ll be using ustream to accomplish this virtual wedding. Please goto:

And you should find us. Can’t wait to see you here!


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ShmooCon Paper Accepted

Woot! .. I just got mail from the ShmooCon selection committee, my paper TTL of a Penetration was accepted for a speaking slot at shmoo this year.  I’ll be a busy little camper as we approach the ‘con .. but should be LOTS of fun. Can’t wait!

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NASA Space (radio) Station

Kinda cool .. nasa has it’s own radio station .. I think i’ll tune in 😉

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CarolinaCon call for papers

So I went to carolinaCon last year. . had a fantastic time. Call for papers is up: as well as dates and such .. Hoping to see everyone there!

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Having a great time..

  • Worked with the ACM in the ‘aligning research and system administrators’ workshop where we discussed different possibilities as candidates for further research.
  • Gave a Birds of a Feather talk ‘Information Management’ for sysadmins, trying to narrow down the ideas of relevant information storage and management.
  • Participated in the Advanced Topics work shop, and had a ball discussing many issues and ideas around system administration.
  • have sat in many technical talks concerning: load balancers, databases, SSD Drives, DevOps, etc… all have been good and well done.


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Conferences Conferences

Soo looks like I am going to:
– Usenix LISA Dec 5-9 Boston, MA
– Participating in the Advanced Topics Workshop.. yay!

– ShmooCon Jan 25-27 Washington, Dc
– I’ll actually be there 23rd to teach labs.. always a good time.

– CarolinaCon May 11-13 Raleigh, NC
– I should be there for the shootout the 11th .. woot!

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lFAxY.png PNG Image, 618×409 pixels

We’ll miss you.

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