SOPA Dead .. PIPA next

So reading all over that SOPA is Dead(tm) .. however .. it’s not really dead till withdrawn. So I have concerns that it’s a red herring.  Especially since we’ve seen congress backdoor legislation ( NDAA anyone ) when they couldn’t do it publicly. I am still going thru with the blackout as I believe that awareness needs to be raised.  Hopefully people will see and react.

I did see an interview/debate on UP between Reddits Alexis and the VP and Gen Counsel of NBC.  It wasn’t bad… I feel like Alexis got caught on the whole idea of ‘finding a legit way to access content’ .. but the VP was a total ass: interrupting the interview several times and spouting talking points instead of answering questions and debating on the substance of the issue.  You can see it here .

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