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UnixSig Presentation

I spoke at UnixSig here at Langley yesterday about my use of SVN for maintaining common unix environments. Went well and I am putting my notes up here. It’s a cool way to maintain your dotfiles and other unix-ish configuration … Continue reading

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We’re at Yellow

ISC has us at yellow for the latest windows vulnerability. If you’re a security geek.. you should go here at least once every few days to see what’s up. Lock down your windows boxes 😉

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Cool Hacking Tools

So found these on this morning: – .. a nice version of linux thats easier to hack than the normal version ( but not much 😉 – – a payware WPA cracking tool .. also nice .. … Continue reading

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Rotten Apple?

So this is starting to come out in the press .. finally Apple is being evil. The funny part is android has been doing this exact thing for some time. While my tin-foil hat is fairly thin .. this is … Continue reading

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Testing n900

So I installed a tool on my N900 to work with this site. Seems to work well. More and more I am liking it over the iPhone. I’ll probably keep it as my primary phone. The picture quality is better.. … Continue reading

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OpenDirectory and Automounter

So .. I have been battling Opendirectory for some time now .. and finally have some notes that i wanna commit. General Automounting There is a bit of documentation on the net about this here .. that discusses the use … Continue reading

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