I have this post up to welcome everyone to the site who are considering coming to the shootout this year!! You can read below for the evolution of this years event, but we will be going to the excellent Range37 for our annual weapons extravaganza! I encourage you to look around for yourself, I anticipate this to be much fun.

I have created a mailing list for notices and discussion for the event.  Please go subscribe here to be informed of carpools etc.  I’ll be updating this blog as well if you want to RSS.

I am looking for fun ideas for contests this year.  The balloon board was a hit (pun intended) last year, and we’ll probably do something similar.  If you have thoughts, mail me so we can start to put things together.

Lastly, this year we WILL have an onsite grill ( Big enough for a pig .. working on that 😉 and picnic tables and .. wow! .. bathrooms!

I look forward to hearing from everyone, and can’t wait to see ya for the fun.

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